This is a copy of the 1920 Census record that includes Joseph and Ester Padgug and their youngest son, George. It looks like the residence address is 111 East 114th Street in New York City.

The other link is a blank copy of the 1930 Census form (courtesy of This will enable you to see what the headings are in the original form which is difficult to read. The last link is to the Tenement Museum in New York City. It has a virtual tour of the renovated building at 97 Orchard Street.

To enlarge the document, click on the picture. Enlarge your page to its maximum size. You should be able to pass your cursor over the document and click on the enlargement button to get the full size. Pictures can be printed or saved to your computer. Enjoy!

1920 Census Tenement Museum
1920 Census Records Lower East Side
Tenement Museum
Click HERE to view a blank 1920 Census Record