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The Padgug Family Tree

Ester & Children 1900 Living with the last name of Padgug has been a similar experience for almost all family members. Outsiders wanted to know how to pronounce the name and always asked about the origin of the name. As the years went on, it was clear that the number of Padgug family members across the United States was very small and that if someone had the last name of Padgug, we had to be related. This web site was established to learn the ancestry of the Padgug Family, the origin of the Padgug name, and to locate family members across the United States and around the world.

Index of Family Names

This is an index of family names that we are currently researching. This section is still under construction. Active links will have ancestor charts available for research. Decendant charts with living family members will only be available through password protected pages. Passwords are available to family members only. Instructions for obtaining a password are available through the link.

Bechtal | Bernstein | Bieler | Brackman | Chan | Fields | Gallegos | Glickman | Goetz | Goldstein | Harris | Hodes | Jenkins | Karp | Kaskay | Kellaher | Kens | Kirchhof | Layton | Levine | Lindhauer | Lück | Mann | Merriweather | Mitzner | Moreland | Norton | Oberman | Olitzky | Padgug | Page | Pedagog | Perlmutter | Raizen | Ringel | Roshrogowitz (Rogoff) | Sauerland | Schonfeld | Schulder | Silverman | Svedrofsky | Wecker | Wilson | Wymishner


alert arrowNEWS FLASH (Apr 13, 2006)!!

Through the generousity of Padgugs from each branch, we now know for certain, we're the same family!!! Both Y-chromosome tests came back with exact matches! More info to follow soon!

What is the Y-chromosome?? It's a genetic blue print of every man passed on from father to son. Who are the Y-chromosomes in this family?? All the Padgug men. The Padgug's are now part of the Family Tree DNA surname project. This is an incredible project conducted by the Molecular Lab for Science and Evolution at the University of Arizona, one of the 5 leading Y-Chromosome universities in the world. Family Tree DNA is also the referral for JewishGen DNA research on their web site. Family Tree DNA has over 2500 surname projects underway and receives over 100,000 visitors every month to their web site.

Family Tree DNA also provides a prediction of the haplogroup of each person. It locates us on the phylogenic tree of Homo Sapiens. Leann Wark of FTDNA writes, "If you ever see 'The Journey of Man' by Spencer Wells - he's tracing man's deeper ancestral world wide migrations through the phylogenic tree." In plain English, we can go back about 500 generations with fair accuracy to plot our own family's migration in the world. That's pretty darn awesome!!!

Our primary objective first is to find out if the two branches of the Padgug Family Tree are connected and then how far back we have to go for that connection. Then we can expand and find out where/if others of our family may be located in this world. Each time a Padgug Y-chromosome participates in the study it is logged into a database accessed only by the project's administrator, which is me and the participant. I'll be able to use the genetic statistics to continue our search.

A little interested in the project?? Just click on the link to the Family Tree DNA. Read up on the fascinating information on genetic genealogy research and how to test. You can start with the 12-marker DNA test, which is the least expensive test, but sufficient to get a good start. If we need more in depth information we can increase the number of markers on the test at a later date. The university will hold the samples for a minimum of 25 years. And, it's an easy test! Judy Padgug in Sacramento.

Links:      FamilyTreeDNA | JewishGen | E-mail Judy

When you link to FamilyTreeDNA, enter Padgug in the search box. It will direct you to the specific Padgug Surname Project. Check out other names in your family, too.

A New Branch to Our Tree!!

Willo & FamilyWe would like to welcome new additions to our Padgug Family Tree! We were contacted by Pam Cumming of Florida who said that her mother, Willo Rodbro, was the daughter of Celia Padgug and Lewis Atkins. We are so thrilled that Pam contacted us. How exciting to find more family!! Celia was one of the first generation American born Padgugs from Ukraine. Willo will be celebrating her 86th birthday this Saturday (Jan 2007) and we want to wish her a very happy and healthy birthday!!


Pictured here left to right are Willo, her daughter, Pam, her granddaughter, Kristen, and her great-granddaughter, Delaney. Again, welcome to your new found family!!!

A Special Padgug Birthday Celebration -- 2004

A special day was instore for Lou Padgug, who turned 80 on August 21st. We enjoyed a birthday party for him at Louis & Kathy's home with an Italian theme lunch. He was especially surprised to find his sisters, Ella and Susan had flown in from the Los Angeles/San Diego area to join in the celebration. Also, there to celebrate were Lou's wife, Bruni, son Louis and Louis' girlfriend, Kathy, daughters Judy and Inge and Inge's husband, Ron Mitzner. Inge and Ron flew in from Texas. Also, in attendence were Louis & Kathy's cats, Cosmos & Nova! We had an awesome lunch served to us by Kathy & Louis and then lots of fun looking at family photos and watching "old" home movies from waaaaay back!! A very Happy 80th Birthday, Lou!

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