Margarete Anna Lindhauer

Margie at 16Greta, as her family called her, was born Margarete Anna Lindhauer on September 30, 1921 at her family farm in Kempen, Germany. She was the daughter of Johann Lindhauer and Katharina Kens. When Johann married Katherina, he was a widower with 9 children. Together, Johann and Katharina had three more children, Margareta, Sophie and Theodore. Greta grew up on a large family farm that had been in the family since the turn of the 19th Century. Farming was not for her and at age 14, her family sent her to trade school to learn bookkeeping.

Greta met and married Karl Lück in 1939 and had two daughters, Inge and Brigitte. Karl became a German soldier during World War II and was killed in action in 1944. Greta was left to raise two daughters and shortly after that time became very ill with diphtheria. Believing that she would not survive, Inge went to live with her Aunt Gertrude and Brigitte went to live with friends of the Lindhauer family.

Margie & LouThe war finally ended in 1945 and amazingly, she did recover and was sent to Bavaria to recuperate. There, in an American occupied area, she met and dated a young soldier, Lou Padgug. By 1948, they were granted permission to marry and relocate to the United States. At the insistence of her older brothers, Brigitte remained with the family that had cared for her and was adopted by them. Inge traveled with her mother to the U.S. where they reunited with Lou, who was already stationed in New York. Soon after their arrival, Judy was born at Mitchell Field AFB in Long Island. And, five years later, son, Louis was born at Ellington AFB in Houston, Texas.

Margie, her Americanized name, both enjoyed and despised her military wife life. She did not like moving around from station to station among other things. However, she enjoyed the ability to do volunteer work with the wives' clubs she belonged to and the social activities available on the bases where they were stationed. Margie also was adamant about her children's education and took great pride in their accomplishments. Inge graduated second highest in her high school class and also won a local beauty pageant that was a preliminary pageant to the Miss America for 1960. And, Judy and Lou were making excellent grades in the local schools, too. All the time, she was plagued by the memory of leaving one daughter behind in Germany. When it was time for Lou to retire from the Air Force, they relocated in Sacramento, California. Inge married a local fellow in Shreveport where she remained and raised a family.

Louis, Margie & JudyIn 1970, while Lou was flying for Japan Airlines, Margie and daughter, Judy, flew to Germany where Judy was introduced to all the aunts, uncles and cousins. There, Aunt Sophie, Margie's sister, shared photographs of Brigitte with Judy and said that she was still in contact with her. Brigitte and her husband, Peter had moved to Berlin after they were married. Judy shared the pictures with older sister Inge after their return. Inge immediately flew to Berlin to find her sister and was successful. Soon after, Lou, Margie and son Louis, flew to Germany and were able to meet Brigitte and Peter. Then, a year later, in Shreveport, there was a splendid reunion of Inge, Brigitte and their mother, Margie. Judy was able to join them and meet her sister, Brigitte for the first time.

Margie was an expert seamstress and her hobbies included knitting, crocheting, various crafts, and volunteer work. If she saw a dress or sweater she liked, she would go home and make it herself. She spent countless hours making sure that her children's homework was completed and correct. Margie had the gambling bug and as a military wife, enjoyed the nights that she could play Bingo on the base. She was rather lucky, too! And, if a friend was sick, she could cook up a master planned meal to rush over to their home to help feed the family.

Her own health frail, she died at the young age of 53 of a heart attack in their home in Sacramento in 1975. Her life made an impact on many people as was displayed by the number of her friends that helped to support her family during their time of loss. And, her spirit lives on in her children and grandchildren that have inherited her flair for life, her love of family and her creative abilities.

Inge, Louis, Judy, Brigitte
Margie's Children, (l-r) Inge, Louis, Judy & Brigitte, Lake Tahoe, California ca 1980