Two Padgug Family Trees

Currently, we have found that all Padgugs can trace their history back to family either that migrated from Minsk (then Russia), Belarusia or family that migrated from the Ukraine (then Russia). Since sir names were taken based on the type of livelyhood of that family, it is unknown if two separate families took the Padgug name or if it was one family and some members in one location migrated to the other location. We have located only one birth record in Minsk from 1861. Research is slow.

Minsk Padgug Tree

Joseph came to the U.S. in 1898 and brought the rest of his family, second wife Esther, children Harry, Fanny, Nathan & George in 1900.

Joseph's Parents were Leib & Yocheved (Roshrogovitz) Padgug

Minsk Branch

Ukraine Padgug Tree

Louis, wife, Rose and their son, Benjamin, arrived in New York in 1888.

Louis' parents were Jacob & Millie (Goldstein) Padgug.

Ukraine Branch

NY Birth Records Chart (Ukraine Branch)